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Eric Proos

February 5, 2014
Hello fellow CFEV members.  For those of you who do not know me my name is Eric Proos.  Unlike most people I was around when I lived in Michigan, working out was always a priority.  I was the typical “gym goer.”  I would go to LA fitness with my “training partner” and we would take part in national Chest Day (aka Monday). At the time I was happy with the results, I was getting big and “strong.”  However, it was my first year of law school while I was lifting that I started talking to someone at the gym who was running around like crazy.  (This was not unusual at that time of year because it was the start of March; you know time to get cut). Anyways, I asked him what he was doing because I was interested in cutting down my time at the gym in order to study more.  He said he found the workout on crossfit.com.  The next day I gave the workout a try (little did I know it was Cindy).  I laughed at the workout initially because doing pull-ups, push-ups, and air squats made me think this will be easy.  To my surprise I was gassed after 10 minutes and struggled to finish the workout.  From that point on I started Crossfit as a way to get in and out of the gym in a quick manner.
It was not until I moved to San Diego after graduating law school that I decided I wanted to be a Crossfitter.  After checking out a few other boxes I found East Village.  I tested out of foundations and started training.  However, I did not attend classes I did open gym and followed my coaches programming from Michigan. Honestly, I did not catch on or really get into the East Village community until the location change.  When the change happened I decided I wanted to be part of the Crossfit community.  Since then, I have met a ton of great people both in classes and during open gym.  My level of fitness has never been better and I attribute most of that to the coaches.  Every coach I have asked has helped me on whatever I needed and never brushed me off.  When I say I attribute most of my improvement to the coaches that is because the other part comes from the members.  Every time I attend a class I am pushed to my limit to be better.  I am naturally competitive and do not like to lose, so when it comes to someone beating me I tend to work harder.  The coaches and members are the best a box could have and I am glad I joined Crossfit East Village.
If you see me around do not be afraid to say hi, I am shy but always love making new friends!!!


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