CrossFit East Village’s mission is to develop members mentally and physically and to foster a community of working professionals dedicated to healthy living and service to others.  Using simple, yet sound nutritional guidelines and a custom-tailored collaborative training approach, CrossFit East Village brings systematic variation to the functional workout program and delivers a life-changing experience, improving health and physical performance, forging mental toughness and critical thinking skills, and instilling a sense of well-being and confidence in all who participate.

Like all amazing things, CrossFit East Village was born out of necessity on the 26th of November, 2009. We feel that personal fitness growth should include not only the highest quality instruction but also the availability and opportunity to pursue your individual interests and needs to match your goals. CrossFit is an excellent strength and conditioning program that we believe is the perfect supplement to your current physical endeavors. Our system of training will introduce you to new areas in the realm of fitness and enhance your lifestyle through a variety of exercises, movements and methods. We encourage our staff and members to open new doors and explore the entire world of fitness and find what works best. So whether you’re training to dominate your sport, to enhance readiness for work, to look better naked, or (like most of us here at CFEV) just looking for a serious kick in the butt to feel great and prepare for life’s tasks, we’re here to guide you along.

We offer multiple classes daily where our staff will lead you through each workout from beginning to end. Members can also enjoy the use of open gym where you can attack specific areas needed to achieve your personal milestones. We welcome everyone to come down, get a workout on or just talk fitness in our lounge. CrossFit East Village is a culture that we’re proud to be a part of and excited to introduce others to!

CrossFit East Village
840 G St.,
San Diego, CA 92101

Phone: 619.450.4671
Email: info@crossfiteastvillage.com
Billing/ Accounts: aimee@crossfiteastvillage.com

CFEV is positioned in the heart of East Village, downtown San Diego.  We are three blocks away from Park & Market Trolley Station.  Please use either the Blue Line or Orange Line to get HERE.

Take a look at our map, get directions, and come on by for a great new fitness experience at CrossFit East Village!

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WOD Class Times

Monday - Friday:
6, 7, & 8am, 12pm, 4, 5, 6, & 7pm

Hero WOD: 9am
FREE workouts:
10 & 11am

Fundamentals WOD Classes:
Monday - Friday:
7 am, 4:30, & 6:30 pm

12pm (make-up for Fundamentals for current week)

Atlas Shrugged Barbell Club:
Monday, Tuesday & Thursday, Friday: 7:00 - 8:30pm

Monday, Wednesday, Friday:
6:00pm & 7:15pm

Tuesday, Thursday:
5:30pm & 7:00pm

Saturday: 10:30am &12:00pm

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CrossFit East Village

840 G Street, San Diego, CA 92101 | info@crossfiteastvillage.com | 619.450.4671

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