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CrossFit Fundamentals Course

At CFEV, we feel that a warm welcome is an essential part of your successful transition to a healthier lifestyle. This course is offered as a 30-day package, completed in small group settings with our friendly and knowledgeable coaching staff.

You will spend time learning core Olympic lifts, varied fitness domains, and nutritional principles, introducing CrossFit as an effective means to help you achieve your personal goals. You will receive focused, high-quality instruction, technical demonstrations, and many practice opportunities to build your knowledge and understanding of the nine foundational movements of CrossFit.

We require that you test-out of Fundamentals to participate in WOD classes and Competition Team events.

You can find more info on class times in our “schedule” section. This fundamentals course is a mandatory prerequisite for general membership, so bring a notebook, an open mind, and let’s get started!

Please note, your initial dues upon joining the gym are the one-time fee of $150 for your Member Foundations Course.  First month’s membership fees are due upon test-out to regular membership.  


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CrossFit Membership
After successful completion of the CrossFit Fundamentals Course or a test-out, you can join CFEV as a full-time member, attending unlimited WOD classes throughout the week and taking full advantage of our open gym space.

Membership dues are automatically billed at $95/month (with an annual contract) or $120/month (month-to-month). Paid-in-full annual memberships cost $900 ($75/month x 12 months).

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Membership freezes and cancellations require 30 days notice and proper documentation.

$95/ Month (w/ Annual Contract)

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$120/ Month (renewing Month-to-Month)

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Daily Drop-In
$15 or $25 (with T-shirt)

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Weekly Membership
$60/ Week

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$10/ Class (Drop in) or $30/ Month (Unlimited); $45/ Month (Unlimited for non-CFEV members)

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$10/ Class (Drop in) or $30/ Month (Unlimited)  FREE FOR MONTH OF JULY 2014

WOD Class Times

Monday - Friday:
6, 7, & 8am, 12pm, 4, 5, 6, & 7pm

Hero WOD: 9am
FREE workouts:
10 & 11am

Fundamentals WOD Classes:
Monday - Friday:
7 am, 4:30, & 6:30 pm

12pm (make-up for Fundamentals for current week)

Atlas Shrugged Barbell Club:
Monday, Tuesday & Thursday, Friday: 7:00 - 8:30pm

Monday - Friday:
6:00pm & 7:15pm

Saturday: 10:30am &12:00pm

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