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We offer the most flexible OPEN GYM hours and various WOD classes every weekday from open to close, view our schedule below to find the perfect class and time for you.


Open Gym:

We, CrossFit East Village, are unique in the way we offer open gym to members and the public. We understand the risks involved and the reasons why most gyms do not offer open gym. However, we value flexibility and individual programming, while maintaining the utmost standard to those who participate in our open gym space. Be knowledgeable about movement, technique, and programming; be respectful about your space and equipment; understand that this is a privilege and not a right; be friendly and courteous to those around you; and seek help from coaches.

Monday – Friday: 6am – 9pm
Saturday: 9am – 2pm
Sunday:  10am – 2pm

WOD Schedule:

Monday – Friday:

6:00 AM Main WOD
7:00 AM Main WOD

12:00 PM Main WOD

4:00 PM Main WOD
5:00 PM Main WOD
6:00 PM Main WOD
7:00 PM Main WOD
7:00 PM Competitors WOD Only (Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday)

**Foundations is now called Basic Orientation (BO) and will be scheduled on 2-week  cycles.

8:00 PM (Monday) Foundations 1/4
8:00 PM (Wednesday) Foundations 2/5
8:00 PM (Thursday) Foundations 3/6


9:00 AM Hero WOD – members or drop-ins only
10:00 AM FREE Saturday WOD
11:00 AM FREE Saturday WOD



**Foundation Make-Ups**

10:00 AM Foundations 1/4
11:00 AM Foundations 2/5
12:00 PM Foundations 3/6
(By reservation only please – must be received by end of day Friday)

Competitors WOD:

For those athletes who are currently completing workouts at the RX level and have their sights set on competition. Higher volume, heavier weights, and tougher teammates.


Our foundations program physically and mentally prepares you for participating in our workout of the day (WOD). There are three classes that cover the 9 fundamental movements of CrossFit as well as the Olympic lifts – the snatch, clean & jerk. Several other exercises will be covered as well to ensure you have a well-balanced knowledge base before entering your first class. The classes are 1 hour in length and include a short, intense metcon (metabolic conditioning) workout at the end of class. They must be completed prior to attending your first WOD.

The classes are capped at 5 members/class to ensure our trainers give you the attention you need to safely and efficiently learn the movements. Please sign up through Mindbody or via the front desk to secure your place in a class.

Come with an open mind and a desire to learn so you get the most out of each session!

Foundations Test Out:

For experienced CrossFit Athletes that have previously gone through an on-ramp or foundations program at another CrossFit affiliate. Please contact the front desk to schedule your Test-Out with one of our coaches. ($20 test-out includes one drop-in)

Personal Training

CFEV Trainers are ready and available to help you improve your Crossfit skills and help you reach your personal goals. Get the most out of your CrossFit sessions by expanding your abilities with personal training sessions with any of our qualified trainers. Personal sessions offer more instruction or practice than what you get from the daily WODs; the ability to master a particular skill(s); the need for a motivational push; or if you just want to take on more Crossfit in your life. Our trainers are here to help you succeed in bigger ways you thought possible; take advantage of their expertise!

Contact the front desk to schedule an appointment with your favorite trainer.

CrossFit East Village open on the following holidays for a special morning WOD only:
New Years Day
Memorial Day (Murph WOD)
Independence Day
Labor Day
Thanksgiving Day
Christmas Day

WOD Class Times

Main WOD:
6, 7AM, 12PM, 4, 5, 6, & 7PM

Competitors WOD:
Mon, Tue, Wed, Fri

Foundations Classes:
Monday 8PM (Session I),
Wednesday 8PM (II),
Thursday 8PM (III)
Sunday: 10AM (I), 11AM (II), 12PM (III)

9AM Hero WOD
10 & 11AM FREE WOD

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